Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome To My Brain...Read At Your Own Risk

     You may be wondering at the title of this  blog...or you may not be.  Regardless, I feel I must explain it, and if you've chosen to read my blog, you've given yourself over (for these few minutes) to my chaotic thoughts, they are.  The "Mama" part is pretty self-explanatory - I've got 4 little (and not-so-little) gifts from God who constantly tug at me, yell for me, cry to me, disobey me, delight me, overwhelm me, grieve me, and love me.  They are Lee (10 years), Ben (9 years), Will (6 years) and Darby (5 years).  I will, from time to time, refer to them by other names, such as the Baby Goats, Herd of Cats, Insanity Producers, Big Ones and Little Reds,...but now you know who they are, and I'm trusting you'll be able to figure it out from here.  The "Sheep" part of the title is simply this: I am a much-loved, yet often stupid and wayward beast, who is constantly being herded, fed, cared for by my Good Shepherd, who leaves me never in need for any good thing and has ALWAYS shown Himself faithful to me.  The "Ramblings" part you'll understand soon enough if you continue to read this. 
     I've been pondering on starting a blog for some months now, and quite frankly have been stumped on a name for it. I knew I wanted something about being Shepherded, but also something about my family/motherhood.  Because that's my life, really.  I'm a Child of God - a daughter of the King - first and foremost, but the nuts and bolts of my daily life is that I'm a mother of four little souls.  And the purpose of this online diary, so to speak, is two-fold. First, it is to share thoughts and blessings that come from my Shepherd with you, because I want to speak of His marvelous works in my life, and because my mind is frail and my soul is often weak and writing helps me to focus those thoughts, and keep them present in my too-easily-distracted mind.  Second, I'd like a record of my family - their comings and goings, funny sayings, thoughtful questions, and I hope some of it might be helpful to you (whoever you are) even if it's just to know there's someone out there who's crazier than you! 
     So there you have it.  This is to be an honest account of my joys, struggles, triumphs and, yes, failures as a wife/mother and a sheep in God's fold.  There's certainly more to tell - I haven't even touched on my fantastic, hunky husband (I call him my Mary Poppins Husband, cause he's "Practically Perfect in Every Way"), and what a help and joy he is to me, but that's enough for now because the Natives are getting restless here and I must attend to them. 

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  1. So delighted that you're doing this. I will follow with interest, and look forward to pictures!