Monday, March 11, 2013

Always Faithful

Tonight as I tucked Will into bed he asked could I "thing him a thong?"  So I lay down with him, realizing that it had been too long since I'd snuggled with him at bedtime.  I began singing his favorite, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", which was my favorite for Anna to sing to me when I was littler than she (which was a long time ago), and I immediately remembered the night I lay next to Will and sang that song with tears running down my cheeks thinking it was the last night I'd ever get to hold him close and sing it to him.  We thought that night we were going to lose him and Darby.  I fully expected to wake up the next morning and have someone come and take my sweet children from me, and that night as I sang those words, my heart cried out to my Father to do what was best for them. 

Obviously, He graciously allowed us to keep them, and a year later I'm still "thinging" "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to my precious son while my darling daughter is safe in her bed beneath us.  What a kind God we serve.  I reveled for a moment in His faithfulness to us - how He never comes to the end of His kindness, and how His wisdom is far greater than ours, and how safe it is to trust our kids to His care. 

Thank You, God, for all my kids tonight. 


  1. I love how you love your kids and how you love God. Makes me smile!

  2. He is faithful! This made me cry. :)

  3. made me cry too. i'm so very thankful for all your children.